Frequently Asked Questions

AbilityPool is a social initiative that brings together corporate organizations, their employees, volunteers, and non-governmental organizations on a single digital platform. With over 100 NGOs on AbilityPool, various projects are initiated within the framework of Sustainable Development Goals. After creating their profiles, volunteers can easily join the projects they are interested in with a single click. Corporate employees and volunteers can view information such as the total number of projects they have participated in and volunteer hours on their profiles. Companies and non-governmental organizations, on the other hand, can measure the impact of their projects through automatically generated social impact reports at the end of each project.

Our goal is to connect corporate employees and volunteers with social responsibility projects that suit them while supporting the volunteer needs of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). We aim to facilitate corporate social responsibility management for companies, making social impact traceable and sustainable. Through this, we contribute to the culture of social responsibility and the spread of goodness.

AbilityPool enables organizations to discover the diverse talents of their employees, effectively manage corporate social responsibility areas, and enhance the volunteer experiences of their employees. Fundamentally, it brings together the most suitable social responsibility projects and non-governmental organizations for a given organization on the platform, based on the human resources it possesses. With AbilityPool, organizations create social responsibility strategies in line with the most suitable themes for their brands. Companies using AbilityPool experience an increase in employee loyalty, the potential to become an employer brand, and a positive impact on sustainability indices.

AbilityPool makes it easier for NGOs to access a pool of talented and skilled volunteers and philanthropists. Simultaneously, through projects that can be tailored specifically for companies, the connection between NGOs and corporations is strengthened, and the potential for fundraising increases. NGOs using AbilityPool experience increased support from large corporate entities, and they have the opportunity to achieve greater social impact through the projects they share on the platform.

Volunteers can add their skills to their profiles on AbilityPool, making it easier for them to access projects that align with their interests. Additionally, through their profiles, they can access data such as the number of projects they have joined and the total volunteer hours. Volunteers can communicate with the project coordinators of the projects they want to join through AbilityPool, share questions or comments related to the project, and contribute to the development of future projects by providing evaluations at the end of the projects.

Corporate employees have access to all the features that volunteers benefit from on AbilityPool. Additionally, they have the opportunity to create their own social responsibility projects.

When you join projects through AbilityPool, your volunteer experiences are automatically measured. Additionally, you have the chance to meet other volunteers with similar project interests through the platform, communicate with project coordinators, and stay informed about new projects through the weekly shared social responsibility initiatives.

After logging into AbilityPool, you can apply for a project by navigating to the Projects section, selecting the desired project, and clicking on the "Join Team" button on the project page.

The project application deadline indicates the timeframe during which you can submit your application to join the team. On the other hand, the project start date specifies the date when the project will commence or become operational.

You can view active projects in the application status by using the filtering option on the "My Projects" page on AbilityPool.

When you click the "Join Team" button, your application is submitted. The relevant project coordinator will get in touch with you as soon as possible regarding the outcome of your application and provide details about the project. After your application is approved, don't forget to check in and check out!

If your application is approved, you need to check in on the date you start volunteering and check out on the date you complete your volunteer service to calculate your total volunteer hours accurately. After your application is approved, you can check in and check out by following the link in the email you receive or using the button on the project page.

Underneath each project shared on AbilityPool, you will find the "organizers" section, which includes the project coordinator. You can click on the project coordinator's name displayed on the screen to send a message via the platform. Alternatively, you can use the "write a comment" section located under the project to communicate.

At least three and at most six projects are shared on our platform every week.

Yes, you can easily participate in as many projects as you want.

It is located under About Us.

There are a total of six badges in AbilityPool, obtained in different ways.

  • Project Enthusiast Badge - You can earn it when you review more than 5 projects per month in the last 3 months (you must stay on the Page for more than 30 seconds).
  • Hardworking Volunteer Badge - You can earn it when you volunteer more than 4 hours in the last 3 months.
  • Campaigner Volunteer Badge - You can earn it when you invite 1 person to the project in the last 3 months.
  • Talented Volunteer Badge - You can win if you have supported with more than one of your skills and competencies in the last 3 months.
  • Active Volunteer Badge - You can earn it when you have been involved in more than one project in the last 3 months.
  • Volunteers who have completed all the badges are contacted and donations are made on behalf of the NGO of their choice on the platform.

If you want to be in the beneficiary group of a project (for example, be one of the participants receiving mentoring support in the mentoring project), you must click on the "Become a Participant" option.

The volunteer hours on the project page show how much volunteering will be done on average throughout the project.

After logging in to AbilityPool, you can update your information using the account settings section under my profile settings under the user button on the top right.

After logging in to AbilityPool, you can add and edit your own skills by clicking on the "my skills" option under the user button with your name on the top right.

You can view the projects you participated in and your total volunteer hours from your profile.

When the project is completed, you can evaluate the project by going to the project page. You can also evaluate the project by clicking on the notification after the project is completed.

After the completion of projects, both companies and NGOs can track the progress of their projects through their dedicated panels. They can follow the steps for "My Projects" and "Active Projects." By clicking on the "View Project Report" icon on the row corresponding to the relevant project, they can access the end-of-project report.