What is the purpose of the Fellowship program?

Our aim in our program, where we bring together university students from all over Turkey, is to enable them to improve themselves in the field of social responsibility and to create projects with great impact. In addition, to support young people with high entrepreneurial potential to develop sustainable projects and to act as a bridge in the field of social responsibility. We are aware of the potential in young people, we can save our present and our future only thanks to high-conscious youth. As long as we believe in our young people and light a candle to light their way.
We hope to create many sparks together.

AbilityPool Team

What awaits the Fellows selected for the Fellow program?

Various training modules that will enable them to develop themselves in the field of social responsibility and entrepreneurship, The opportunity to meet with inspiring speakers, to brainstorm with students from different universities, to create new collaborations, to present the projects created at the end of the program to competent individuals within the event, and to win different awards besides meeting a friendly team.

What is expected of Fellows from the Fellowship program?

Obligation to participate in the activities and project team activities that take place within the program (on the predetermined meeting day to be specified in the interview). Creating a volunteer project from an idea with the project teams created,

Who can join the Fellowship program?

All young people between the ages of 17 and 24 who reside in Turkey, are citizens of the Republic of Turkey, have the right to enter a university and are registered, and continue their university education can participate.

How to get involved in the Fellowship program?

First of all, the form in the link under the fellow announcement is filled in until 10 January 23:59. Afterwards, you need to answer the 2nd Stage questions sent to your e-mail addresses so that we can get to know you better, until the date specified. According to the test results, the eligibility requirements are examined and fellow candidates are invited for an interview with the mentor and AbilityPool team members. After the interview, positive or negative feedbacks are sent to their e-mail addresses.